Giving Kiosks: Enhancing Church Donations


Giving Kiosks refer to physical stations strategically placed within a church or designated locations, designed to streamline the process of accepting donations and payments. The kiosks are equipped with specialized software and card readers to facilitate secure and convenient financial transactions.

A Giving Kiosk’s purpose is to facilitate a quick and easy way for congregation members to make monetary contributions. The kiosks are equipped with software that allows individuals to make donations or payments for event registrations directly from the kiosk, creating an accessible point for financial transactions during in-person events or services.

The ease they provide to churches and their members is the primary advantage of Giving Kiosks. The kiosks simplify the donation process, making it quick and efficient. Members contribute at any time, not just during services, enhancing the accessibility of financial giving. The system provides real-time reporting and integrates with church management systems, offering a comprehensive solution for financial transparency.

The unique point of Giving Kiosks is their versatility across various environments. The experience for donors is consistent and effortless, regardless of whether it is used on mobile devices, online platforms, or physical kiosks. The adaptability ensures that donors have the ability to contribute at their convenience, whether on-site or remotely.

GivingKiosk was created to address the need for church organizations to embrace modern methods of receiving financial contributions. The company developed software as a service (SAAS) that eliminates the need for installation, upgrades, and support. It was established to provide churches with a user-friendly, secure, and efficient way to handle donations and event registrations.

The synergy produced by the merger accounts for Giving Kiosks relevance to Amplify. Churches benefit from an all-in-one church management solution with the integration of GivingKiosk into the Ministry Brands Amplify™ suite. The integration ensures that Giving Kiosks capabilities are seamlessly woven into the broader ecosystem of Amplify, offering churches a unified and comprehensive platform for managing various aspects of their operations, from people management to online giving and streaming services.

Feature$19 Plan$49 Plan
Monthly Fee$19$49
Monthly Minimum$10$10
CC Rate / Price Type3.00% / Flat2.60% / Flat
CC Item$0.42$0.42
ACH Rate1.00%1.00%
ACH Item$0.42$0.42
Security FeeIncludedIncluded
Text to GiveIncluded Included

Giving Kiosk Pricing and Premium Features

Giving Kiosk Pricing and Premium Features serve clients and organizations based on their individual needs. Choose between two affordable plans based on the organization’s needs between $19 per month or $49 per month. The flexibility allows them to select a plan that aligns precisely with the budget and specific requirements. The $19 plan caters to organizations seeking essential features, while the $49 plan offers additional benefits for people with more extensive needs.

The Giving Kiosk premium features are listed below.

  • Flexible Usage: Benefit from a 0.00% usage fee, providing unparalleled flexibility in the volume of transactions without incurring additional costs. The feature empowers the organization to adapt seamlessly to varying fundraising needs, ensuring cost-effectiveness in every transaction.
  • Competitive CC Rates: Take advantage of low credit card rates, featuring a flat fee of $0.42 per CC item. Giving Kiosk ensures that the organization has the capability to process credit card transactions at an affordable rate, maximizing the impact of each donation. The cost-effectiveness enhances the efficiency of the fundraising efforts.
  • ACH Transactions: Facilitate seamless ACH transactions with a flat ACH rate of 1.00%. The ACH item fee is $0.42, allowing efficient and cost-effective electronic fund transfers. The feature is designed to streamline financial transactions, providing convenience for the organization and donors.
  • Security Fee Included: The organization’s security is a top priority. The pricing plans include a security fee, ensuring that the donors’ transactions are safeguarded. Operate with confidence with the included feature, knowing that the financial integrity of the organization is protected.
  • Text to Give: Seamlessly incorporate Text to Give functionality at no additional cost. Engage with donors through the convenient feature, allowing them to contribute effortlessly via text messages. The user-friendly option enhances accessibility, making the donation process convenient and efficient for supporters.

4 Benefits of Giving Kiosk

The 4 benefits of Giving Kiosk are listed below.

  • Kiosk Giving: Kiosk giving allows for the easy collection of contributions through physical kiosks placed in churches or other designated areas. It streamlines in-person contributions, offering a quick and accessible point of contact for members during events or services.
  • Online Giving: The ability to accept contributions through a safe online platform is known as online giving. Facilitates online donations, taking fundraising beyond the boundaries of in-person events. Improves ease by means of an intuitive and digital interface.
  • Mobile Giving: Donations made via mobile devices provide a new level of convenience for donors. Adapts to mobile lifestyles, allowing on-the-go giving. Makes information more accessible and encourages participation by utilizing mobile technologies extensively.
  • Donation Management: A systematized approach to managing, tracking, and organizing contributions is known as donation management. Effortless administration requires due diligence, accurate donation tracking and record keeping. The use of real-time analytics improves financial transparency. Assists in making strategic decisions by providing thorough analysis and reporting.

1. Kiosk Giving

Kiosk Giving is a user-friendly and efficient method that centers around the ease of accepting donations and payments through physical kiosks strategically placed within a church or other designated locations. The approach streamlines the donation process by providing a quick and accessible point for members to contribute financially, particularly during in-person events or services. The tangible and immediate way for individuals to give enhances the convenience and accessibility of the donation experience.

The associated software for Kiosk Giving is designed to provide kiosk functionality, empowering organizations to set up physical kiosks equipped with the necessary software and card readers. The kiosks become hubs for seamless financial transactions, offering members a straightforward and efficient method to make contributions or payments for event registrations directly at the kiosk. The process simplifies financial transactions and enhances the engagement of members by providing a tangible point of connection.

One of the key features of Kiosk Giving is its capability to accept credit and debit card payments securely. The software ensures that all transactions carried out through the kiosks adhere to the highest security standards set forth by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). The commitment to security instills confidence in the organization and its members, creating a trustworthy and secure environment for financial interactions.

Kiosk Giving goes beyond traditional donation methods by providing a physical and accessible point for financial contributions. The integration of software and secure payment processing simplifies the donation process and contributes to a positive and secure experience for the organization and its members.

2. Online Giving

Online Giving refers to the capability of getting donations and handling payments via an encrypted digital system. Online giving allows contributors to make financial contributions from the comfort of their homes, expanding the reach of fundraising efforts beyond physical attendance.

The main benefit of Online Giving is the enhanced convenience it provides to donors and organizations. Contributors donate at any time, from anywhere, using a digital and user-friendly platform. The flexibility increases the accessibility of fundraising efforts and caters to the diverse preferences of donors, ultimately boosting the entire financial support.

The software facilitates Online Giving through a secure and streamlined process. Donors access a dedicated web page with the organization’s logo, creating a familiar and trustworthy environment. The platform allows individuals to select the amount they wish to contribute, choose specific funds or campaigns, and securely enter their payment information. The system ensures the security of transactions, adhering to industry standards for online payment processing.

Online Giving extends beyond standard ways, offering a convenient avenue for individuals to support their organizations without the constraints of physical presence. The software’s user interface is designed to be intuitive, guiding donors through the contribution process effortlessly. Real-time reporting features offer organizations insights into donation activity, enhancing transparency and supporting strategic decision-making.

3. Mobile Giving

Mobile Giving involves the flexibility of accepting donations and handling transactions through mobile devices such as smartphones or tablets. The feature adapts to the mobile lifestyles of individuals, allowing them to contribute on the go, increasing accessibility and engagement.

The main benefit of Mobile Giving lies in its ability to meet donors where they are on their mobile devices. The approach caters to the fast-paced and mobile-centric lifestyles of individuals. The convenience of giving through mobile devices promotes spontaneous contributions, increases accessibility, and enhances engagement with fundraising efforts.

The software seamlessly facilitates Mobile Giving by incorporating features that align with the functionality of smartphones and tablets. It ensures that the donation process is optimized for mobile interfaces, offering a user-friendly and intuitive experience. Donors have no difficulty navigating the platform, selecting donation amounts, and choosing specific causes or events to support.

Users do not need to perform any additional tasks to integrate Mobile Giving because it is already part of the software’s giving system. Mobile Giving becomes a strategic tool for organizations to connect with donors wherever they are as more people use mobile devices to access online platforms. The software is designed to leverage the widespread use of mobile technology, making it a convenient and effective channel for fostering financial support.

4. Donation Management

Donation Management refers to the systematic handling, tracking, and organization of contributions received by an organization, ensuring transparency and accountability in financial transactions. The comprehensive method enables organizations to efficiently track and record donations, ultimately streamlining administrative tasks associated with managing financial contributions.

Implementing a robust Donation Management system offers organizations multifaceted advantages. One of the key benefits is transparency and accountability. These aspects ensure that organizations uphold transparency in their financial operations, creating a clear and organized record of all contributions. It fosters a sense of accountability for donors and stakeholders.

Another significant advantage is Efficient Tracking. The system allows organizations to efficiently track donations, allowing for the categorization, organization, and retrieval of information regarding individual contributions. The streamlined process minimizes the likelihood of errors and significantly enhances accuracy in financial records.

Donation Management provides organizations with Real-time Insights into donation activity. The feature allows access to up-to-date information on contributions, empowering organizations to perform quick analyses and make informed decisions based on the latest trends and patterns in donation behavior.

The system contributes to Financial Transparency by maintaining a centralized recordkeeping system for donation records. The centralized approach is crucial for building trust with donors and demonstrating responsible financial stewardship, as it ensures that all relevant information is readily available and easily accessible.

One fundamental aspect is Centralized Recordkeeping. The software consolidates all donation records into a centralized and easily accessible database. The centralization guarantees that all relevant information, including donor details and contribution history, is readily available for quick reference.

The software prioritizes Customization and Categorization. Organizations have the ability to tailor the software to align with their specific needs, allowing for the categorization of donations based on funds, campaigns, or any other relevant criteria. The customization ensures that the system adapts seamlessly to the unique requirements of the organization.

The software offers Real-time Reporting capabilities to empower organizations with valuable insights. The feature allows organizations to generate detailed reports on donation trends, fundraising campaigns, and financial performance. The real-time reports play a crucial role in facilitating strategic decision-making by providing up-to-date and relevant information.

Ensuring accessibility is another critical aspect, and the software typically features a User-friendly Interface. The design prioritizes ease of use, ensuring that staff members have ease in navigating the system effortlessly. A user-friendly interface contributes to the efficiency of day-to-day operations related to donation management.

Donation Management is a vital component of organizational financial management. The associated software enhances transparency, efficiency, and accountability in handling contributions, ultimately contributing to the achievement of fundraising tasks and financial management.

How to Use Giving Kiosks?

To use the Giving Kiosk follow the 8 steps below.

  1. Setting Up Giving Kiosk. Configure the physical kiosk with the GivingKiosk software and card readers. Place the kiosk in a designated location within the church. Connect it to power and the internet. Ensure the software is installed and ready for use.
  2. Initiating a Donation. Starting the process of contributing financially through the kiosk. Approach the kiosk and follow on-screen prompts. Choose the donation amount and the type of contribution (e.g., tithe, offering, event registration).
  3. Selecting Payment Method. Choose between credit, debit, or another available payment option. Use the touch interface to select the preferred payment method. Insert or swipe the card as prompted.
  4. Transaction Confirmation. Verify and confirm the donation details before finalizing the transaction. Confirm the donation amount and other details. Proceed to finalize the transaction.
  5. Receipt Generation. Generating a receipt for the completed transaction. Receive a printed or electronic receipt confirming the successful donation. The receipt includes details such as the amount, date, and purpose of the contribution.
  6. Accessing Online and Mobile Platforms. Utilize GivingKiosk through online and mobile devices. Visit the organization’s online platform or download the mobile app. Log in with the credentials and follow similar steps as on the kiosk to make donations or manage contributions.
  7. Navigating the Administration Portal. Access the web-based Administration Portal for account management. Log in to the Administration Portal from any device with internet access. View and manage donations, donor activity, and make adjustments to designations or events.
  8. Integrating with the Church Management System (ChMS). Link GivingKiosk with existing Church Management System software. Ensure compatibility with the ChMS (e.g., FellowshipOne, Church Community Builder, Shelby). Integrate GivingKiosk for seamless data sharing and reporting.

How to Login Giving Kiosks?

To login Giving Kiosk follow the 5 steps below.

  1. Visit Giving Kiosk Website. Open a web browser and navigate to the official Giving Kiosk website at
  2. Locate Log In Icon. Identify the log-in icon located in the top-right corner of the website. Look for the log-in icon, which is a colored green box with the word “LOGIN”, on the Giving Kiosk homepage.
  3. Click Log In Icon. Access the log-in interface by clicking on the identified log-in icon. Click on the log-in icon to initiate the log-in process.
  4. Enter Credentials. Provide the necessary information to log in using the registered email address and password. Enter the registered email address and password in the designated fields on the log-in page.
  5. Click Login Button. Finalize the log-in process by clicking the log-in button. Enter the login information and click the “LogIn” button to verify the account and get to the Giving Kiosk account.

How to Create an Account for Giving Kiosk?

To create an account for Giving Kiosk, follow the 7 steps listed below.

  1. Visit the Website. Navigate to the Giving Kiosk website through a preferred web browser.
  2. Contact Sales. Locate the contact information for sales on the website. It is found in the “Contact” or “Get Started” section.
  3. Provide Information. Fill out the required information in the contact form. The information required are name, last name, email, phone number, organization name and website URL.
  4. Select Inquiry Type. Choose the option that best fits the purpose, such as “I have questions about products, pricing, and/or signing up.”
  5. Leave a Comment or Question. Use the comment or question section to provide additional details or specific inquiries one has in mind.
  6. Submit. Click the “Submit” button to send the inquiry to the Giving Kiosk sales team.
  7. Wait for Response. Wait for the response from the Giving Kiosk team once it is submitted. They provide further instructions on how to proceed with the account creation process.

How to Organize Online Giving with Giving Kiosk?
To organize an Online Giving with Giving Kiosk follow the 8 steps below.

  1. Visit the Giving Kiosk Website. Open a web browser and navigate to the official Giving Kiosk website at Type the URL in the browser’s address bar and press Enter to access the Giving Kiosk website.
  2. Log In to the Account. Access the Giving Kiosk account by entering the registered email and password. Click on the log-in icon in the top-right corner, enter the email and password, and click the log-in button.
  3. Access Online Giving Section. Navigate to the section of the website dedicated to online giving features. Find and click on the section or tab that specifically relates to online giving once logged in.
  4. Set Up Giving Parameters. Define the parameters for the online giving campaign, such as the purpose, goal, and duration. Follow the prompts to set up the details of the online giving campaign, specifying the purpose of the donation, fundraising goal, and campaign duration.
  5. Customize Online Giving Page. Tailor the online giving page with the organization’s logo and branding. Utilize customization options to upload the organization’s logo and apply branding elements to the online giving page.
  6. Enable Recurring Giving Options. Provide donors with the ability to set up recurring contributions. Activate the recurring giving feature, allowing donors to choose ongoing support options during the online giving process.
  7. Facilitate Member Access. Ensure the online giving page is easy for members to access. Communicate the online giving opportunity to members and provide them with clear instructions on how to access the dedicated online giving page.
  8. Monitor Giving History. Keep track of online donations and donor activity. Access the Administration Portal to monitor and examine online giving records, providing insights into donation trends and individual contributions.

Is it possible to find Church Volunteers with Giving Kiosk?

No, it is not possible to find Church Volunteers with Giving Kiosk.

What to know about Giving Kiosk?

To know more about Giving Kiosk, read the details listed below.

  • Company Merge Process: Giving Kiosk has undergone a strategic merger with Amplify, a church management solutions provider. The integration aims to combine the strengths of both entities, offering users an enhanced and unified experience in church management services.
  • Integration Partners: Giving Kiosk collaborates with leading Church Management Systems (ChMS) such as FellowshipOne, Church Community Builder, Shelby, and SimpleChurch CRM. It ensures seamless integration with various church management tools.
  • Security Standards: Giving Kiosk prioritizes security and is Level 1 PCI Compliant, meeting the highest standards set by the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI-DSS). It safeguards the protection of donors’ payment information.
  • Multi-Platform Accessibility: The software provides a consistent experience across physical kiosks, online platforms, and mobile devices. Donors have the ability to contribute at any time, not just during church services, enhancing accessibility and engagement.
  • Customization and Branding: Giving Kiosk allows organizations to customize and brand their kiosks, online portals, and mobile sites with their logos and color schemes. It ensures a cohesive and branded experience for donors.
  • Event Registration: The software simplifies event registration and payment processes, offering customizable options to handle multiple events and event types. The feature facilitates efficient management of church events.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Giving Kiosk provides robust reporting capabilities with real-time insights. Reports are exported in multiple formats, empowering church administrators with comprehensive and up-to-date financial data.
  • Help and Support: Users have access to a Help Desk and an online support ticket system, ensuring prompt assistance. Commonly asked questions are addressed, and personalized support is available for unique situations.
  • Kiosk Giving: Kiosk Giving is a convenient method of accepting donations and payments through physical kiosks, providing a streamlined process for financial contributions during in-person events. The kiosks, equipped with specialized software and card readers, ensure the secure acceptance of credit and debit card payments, enhancing the efficiency of the donation process.
  • Premium Features and Pricing:  Giving Kiosk offers users two distinct pricing plans, each tailored to varying organizational needs and budgets. The pricing plans come with specific monthly fees and a range of features designed to enhance the donation process. Users have access to premium features such as flexible usage, competitive credit card rates, seamless ACH transactions, an inclusive security fee, and Text to Give functionality. The premium features aim to provide organizations with a comprehensive and customizable set of tools to optimize their fundraising efforts.
  • MinistryLINQ Integration: Giving Kiosk boasts seamless integration capabilities with MinistryLINQ, specifically tailored for Church Accounting and Church Management purposes. The integration offers organizations a powerful and comprehensive solution, enhancing financial management and operational efficiency. Users streamline their processes by leveraging the integrated features, leading to more effective and streamlined church operations. The synergy between Giving Kiosk and MinistryLINQ aims to provide a unified platform that caters to the diverse needs of churches, optimizing their functionality.
  • Privacy Policy: The privacy policy of Giving Kiosk provides a comprehensive overview of how personal information is handled throughout the platform. It categorizes personal information into various types, encompassing communications, payment details, affiliations, generated content, photographs, videos, audio recordings, and location data. The document elucidates the purpose of data usage, emphasizing services, compliance, and fraud detection. It outlines the security measures in place, incorporating organizational, technical, and administrative safeguards to protect personal information. The policy acknowledges user rights, including the ability to opt out of marketing communications, with specific provisions for California residents. It serves as a crucial guide, ensuring transparency and safeguarding user privacy within the Giving Kiosk ecosystem.
  • Customer Support: People have the option to reach out to Giving Kiosk through their contact number, 336 851 1878. The recent merger with Amplify promises users a consolidated and enriched experience. The integration aims to deliver a unified platform, aligning the strengths of Giving Kiosk with the holistic church management solutions offered by Amplify. Users are anticipating seamless interactions and improved functionalities as a result of the strategic collaboration between Giving Kiosk and Amplify.

What are the Integrations with MinistryLINQ and Giving Kiosk?

  • Church Accounting Integration: MinistryLINQ’s Church Accounting system easily connects with Giving Kiosk. The integration allows for a smooth flow of financial data between the Giving Kiosk and MinistryLINQ’s Church Accounting system. It ensures that donation information collected through the kiosk is efficiently and accurately recorded in the church’s accounting records.
  • Church Management Integration: The integration of Giving Kiosk with MinistryLINQ’s Church Management System (ChMS). The integration provides a cohesive experience for churches by connecting Giving Kiosk with MinistryLINQ’s ChMS. It allows the synchronization of donation and event registration data with the broader church management infrastructure, streamlining administrative processes and enhancing efficiency.

1. Church Accounting Integration

Church Accounting Integration refers to a straightforward connection and collaboration of the Giving Kiosk and MinistryLINQ’s Church Accounting system. The integration ensures that financial data, particularly donation information, is efficiently and accurately transferred from the Giving Kiosk to MinistryLINQ’s Church Accounting records.

The benefit of Church Accounting Integration is the streamlined and automated synchronization of financial data. The integration makes the church’s financial management system more efficient and accurate by eliminating the need for manual data entry processes and reducing the risk of errors. It ensures that the donation records collected through the Giving Kiosk seamlessly integrate into the broader accounting infrastructure.

2. Church Management Integration

Church Management Integration describes the cooperative effort between Giving Kiosk and MinistryLINQ’s ChMS. Donation and event registration data are more efficiently processed and unified as a result of the integration, which allows the Giving Kiosk’s data to flow freely into MinistryLINQ’s larger Church Management system.

Improved organization and efficiency in church-related tasks is the main advantage of Church Management Integration. Administrative tasks are simple when churches integrate Giving Kiosk with MinistryLINQ’s Church Management System, handling donations, event registrations, and other. It creates a unified and synchronized platform. An easier and more accurate way to administer a church with less manual labor is the result of integration.

Does Giving Kiosk belong to Amplify?

No, Giving Kiosk does not belong to Amplify. Giving Kiosk and Amplify have merged and are under the management of Ministry Brands Amplify™. Ministry Brands Amplify™ is a comprehensive Church Management System (ChMS) solution that unifies various church management products, including People, App Builder, Websites, Streaming, and Giving, into a seamless and user-friendly platform. The mission of Amplify is to equip church staff, volunteers, and congregations with the tools they need to foster a healthy church community.

Ministry Brands Amplify™ offers a range of powerful solutions, each designed to enhance specific aspects of church management. People are provided intuitive tools for collaboration, communication, and visibility within the church. The mobile solution is tailored for engaging with congregations and building meaningful relationships. Websites allow for easy creation and management of multiple church websites, while streaming facilitates scalable live streaming designed specifically for churches. Giving empowers congregations to tithe conveniently and flexibly.

The integration of these products into Amplify demonstrates a commitment to providing a unified and efficient Church Management System.

What is the Term and Privacy Policy for Using Giving Kiosk Software? 

The Terms and Privacy Policy for using Giving Kiosk Software delineate the conditions and practices governing the collection, processing, and protection of personal information by Ministry Brands Holdings, LLC and its affiliated companies, collectively referred to as “Ministry Brands” or “we.”

Personal information encompasses data that identifies, relates to, or has the potential to be linked to an individual. It includes a wide range of information, such as contact details, communications, payment information, affiliations, generated content, interactions, photographs, videos, audio recordings, and location data. The collection of information extends to automatic means through online tools such as cookies and web beacons. It takes place when people interact with the sites and is detailed in the cookie notice. Information obtained through clients refers to data collected via organizations using Ministry Brands’ sites. The data is processed on behalf of and at the direction of the clients.

Interactive features and third-party integrations on the sites capture and retain user-submitted information. Users are responsible for understanding the privacy policies of third-party integrations. The use of personal information is multifaceted and includes facilitating user experiences, improving the sites, providing services to clients, processing payments, communications, fraud detection, and compliance with applicable laws. Personal information is shared with subsidiaries, affiliates, business partners, clients, service providers, compliance with the law, safety and security, and in corporate transactions.

Users are granted choices regarding their personal information, including the ability to edit profile information and opt out of email marketing communications. Additional rights based on location are exercised. Security measures are implemented to protect personal information, and data retention is conducted as necessary for specified purposes and legal obligations. Children’s privacy is emphasized, with the acknowledgment that the sites are not directed at children under 16, and information collection from such individuals is not knowingly undertaken.

The California Privacy Notice spells out the rights and choices that people in California have. Users accessing the sites from outside the United States are informed that personal information is processed in the United States or other jurisdictions, subject to different data protection laws. The Privacy Policy is updated at the discretion of Ministry Brands, with changes reflected in the “Last Updated” date. Continued use of the sites after updates constitutes acceptance of the changes. Users are encouraged to refer to the official Ministry Brands websites or contact Ministry Brands directly for specific details or updates.

What is the Customer Support Number for Giving Kiosk Software?

The customer support number for the Giving Kiosk software is 336-851-1878. Users are guaranteed timely and individualized support through the contact number, which functions as an immediate link to the customer service department.

Giving Kiosk has merged with Amplify, creating a unified platform for church management solutions. The merger aims to enhance the experience for users by combining the strengths and features of both entities. The customer support number, 336-851-1878, is a centralized point of contact for inquiries related to Giving Kiosk, now seamlessly integrated into the Amplify suite of services.

The customer support team is consistently available to offer assistance, whether it be regarding software functionality, technical support, or guidance on effective utilization of the diverse features. The merged experience with Amplify signifies an integrated and comprehensive approach to church management, ensuring that users efficiently navigate and optimize the capabilities of Giving Kiosk within the broader Amplify ecosystem.